B-Side Abbey Road (commission, 2020)

A commissioned gift piece in watercolour, pro marker, pencil, and ink, A3. A time-lapse of this piece is featured below.

This piece was commissioned as a leaving gift for Oz and Chris, owners of Herne Bay’s B-Side the C-Side record shop.

As big Beatles fans the main brief was to playfully pay tribute to the iconic Abbey Road cover, so I sought to replicate that composition with the inclusion of B-Side and Oz and Chris themselves. This comes with the added representation they are figuratively crossing to pastures new. Following the approval of an initial sketch (left), I began working on the piece.

I wanted to create something vibrant and exaggerated, opting for a cartoonish look with imperfect mixed-media elements. Following the initial sketch, watercolour was applied in a quick, undefined way, before taking the same approach with pencil and pro markers. I proceeded to cycle through these medias to bring everything together. To intensify the colours

I specifically blended as many tones as I could, deliberately unnaturally, seeking to achieve a heightened, dreamlike look.

The work was completed in a very short turnaround, taking about 5 hours to complete over a couple of sessions. A time-lapse of the process is below.

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