Smokehouse (commission, 2020)

A commissioned logo design for use with a mobile catering service, completed using Illustrator.

This work was commissioned as the branding for a mobile catering service, for use on printed material, web design, and flagship van.

Ray’s original sketch (left), and my interpretation (right)

The brand was conceived with a southern American theme, and owner Ray provided me with an initial design for interpretation (left). He wanted to incorporate recognisable imagery for a clear brand identity, with a friendly cartoon mascot (citing Looney Tunes characters like Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam for inspiration).

Taking these thoughts onboard I sought first to finalise the character, and once approved moved to working on the piece itself. Due to the design’s function and application, Illustrator was best suited for this for clean, vibrant, and infinitely scalable vector image.

I imported my character sketch and replicated this using vector shapes and lines. Generally I tried to keep the design as clean as possible, limiting colour and ensuring good contrast (to aid printing), as well as keeping fine detail to a minimum.

Once complete, the image was provided in a variety of resolutions and formats for print, web, and vector scaling. For further works please visit

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